The 8 Best Short Hairstyles For Women With Round Faces

Having a round face shape can influence the hairstyles that flatter your features the most. If you’re looking to refresh your look with a short hairstyle, here are some fantastic options that complement round faces beautifully.

1. Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is a timeless and versatile option that works well with round faces. By keeping the sides and back short while leaving a bit of length on top, you can create volume and height, which helps elongate the face.

2. Layered Bob

A layered bob is another excellent choice for round faces as it adds texture and movement. Opt for layers that start around the chin or cheekbones to create angles that soften the roundness of your face.

3. Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical bob is stylish and edgy, with one side of the bob cut shorter than the other. This asymmetry draws attention away from the roundness of your face and adds a modern flair to your hairstyle.

4. Side-Swept Bangs

Bangs can be a game-changer for round faces, especially when swept to the side. Side-swept bangs create diagonal lines across the face, which helps to lengthen and balance out the roundness.

5. Short Shag

A short shag haircut with layers and choppy ends can add volume and texture, making it a flattering choice for round faces. The layers create movement and can help to slim down the appearance of your face shape.

6. Undercut

For those who like a bold and daring look, an undercut hairstyle can be a great option. Keep the sides and back of your hair short or shaved while leaving the top longer. This contrast in lengths draws attention upwards and elongates the face.

7. Textured Crop

A textured crop haircut involves keeping the hair short and adding texture through layers and choppy ends. This style can create volume at the crown, which helps to balance the roundness of your face.

8. Short Curly Hairstyle

If you have naturally curly hair, embracing your curls with a short hairstyle can be incredibly flattering for round faces. Keep the curls soft and voluminous to add height and draw attention away from the width of your face.

These eight short hairstyles are tailored to enhance the features of round faces, offering a range of options from classic to contemporary. Whether you prefer a pixie cut for its low maintenance or a layered bob for its versatility, there’s a perfect short hairstyle out there to complement your unique look and personality.


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